Astro Tweeps Schedule


Week Beginning Who they are What they do
1/28/2019 Jennifer Grier (Planetary Science Institute) Impact Craters, Astronomy Education, Space Ethics, Lunar Regolith, Science Communication, Science in Writing
2/4/2019 Abhijeet Borkar (Astronomy Instittue of the Czech Academy of Sciences) AGN, Galactic Center, Radio Interferometry
2/11/2019 Oliver James Hall (Sun, Stars & Exoplanets, University of Birmingham, UK) Asteroseismology/Bayesian Statistics
2/18/2019 Sam Frampton (University of Leicester) Interplanetary/ small spacecraft
2/25/2019 Henry Throop (Planetary Science Institute) Planetary Rings, New Horizons / Pluto / Ultima Thule, Outreach, Astronomy in the Developing World — Africa / India
3/4/2019 Sarah Schmidt (Leibniz Institute for Astrophysics Potsdam (AIP)) Low mass stars and brown dwarfs, magnetic activity, stellar populations
3/11/2019 Jessie Dotson (NASA Ames Research Center) Exoplanets, asteroids, and so on and so forth
3/18/2019 Keaton Bell (Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research) Stellar variability
3/25/2019  Andrew Mann (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)  Young exoplanets and m dwarfs
4/1/2019 Haley Wahl (West Virginia University) Pulsars
4/8/2019 Sarah McIntyre (Australian National University) exoplanets, habitability, astrobiology
4/15/2019 Joshua Lothringer (Lunary and Planetary Laboratory, University of Arizona) Exoplanet Atmospheres
4/22/2019 Gautham Narayan (STScI) Supernovae, wide-field surveys, big data
4/29/2019 Jielai Zhang (Schmidt Science Fellows, In Partnership with the Rhodes Trust; Hosted at the University of Oxford) Galaxy Evolution, Instrumentation, Low Surface Brightness Observations
5/06/2019 Kat Volk (University of Arizona) planetary science, orbit dynamics, small bodies
5/13/2019 Aswin Sekhar (Armagh Observatory and Planetarium) Meteor Science, Solar System Dynamics
5/20/2019 Michael West (Lowell Observatory) galaxies, galaxy clusters, large-scale structure
5/27/2019 Richard Easther (U. Auckland) Cosmology
6/03/2019 Jana Grcevich (Columbia University, Cooper Union, AMNH, Guerilla Science) Dwarf Galaxies, Planetary Science, Communication
6/10/2019 Jana Grcevich (Columbia University, Cooper Union, AMNH, Guerilla Science)/Meg Schwamb (Gemini Observatory) Dwarf Galaxies, Planetary Science, Communication, Solar System, citizen science, observatory operations
6/17/2019 Sarah McIntyre (Australian National University)
6/24/2019 Marcel S. Pawlowski (Leibniz-Institute for Astrophysics) Dwarf galaxies, Local Group, small-scale problems of cosmology, dark matter vs. modified gravity
7/1/2019 Thomas Connor (Carnegie Observatories) Observing at LCO and taking part in the Eclipse. Specialty: Galaxy clusters / high-redshift quasars
7/15/2019 Kathryn Neugent (University of Washington & Lowell Observatory) massive stars
7/22/2019 Rebecca Larson (University of Texas at Austin) Reionization Era Galaxies
7/29/2019 Rachael Alexandroff (University of Toronto) AGN and galaxy evolution


Week Beginning Who they are What they do
1/8/2018 James Davenport (University of Washington)  Stars, magnetic activity, time domain, surveys, data visualization
1/15/2018  John Noonan (University of Arizona/LPL)  UV Observations/Comets
1/22/2018  Esther Hanko (Anton Pannekoek Institute)  Outreach
1/29/2018  Meg Schwamb (Gemini Observatory)  Kuiper belt objects, planetary science, Mars, wide-field surveys
2/5/2018  Katie Brevik (Northwestern University – CIERA)  Compact binary evolution and populations, gravitational waves
2/12/2018  James Matthews (University of Oxford) AGN Outflows and Cosmic rays
2/19/2018  Graeme Poole  (University of Bristol)  Cosmochemistry, planetary formation, solar nebula and solar system evolution
2/26/2018 Geert Barentsen (NASA Ames)  Kepler/K2
3/5/2018 Jillian Scudder  (Oberlin College) galaxy interactions, statistical analysis, multi-wavelength analysis
3/12/2018  Emily Rice (CUNY/AMNH)  Brown dwarfs/exoplanets/outreach
3/19/2018 René A. Ortega-Minakata  (Institute of Astronomy, UNAM (Mexico City))  Evolution of galaxies, active / star-forming galaxies, IFU, statistics of large surveys, diversity in STEM, outreach and education
3/26/2018  Julie Rathbun (PSI)  planetary science/outer planet satellites
4/2/2018 Emily Lakdawalla (The Planetary Society)  planetary science, scicomm, advocacy
4/9/2018  Michele Bannister (Queen’s University Belfast)  Solar System astronomy
4/16/2018  Harriet Brettle (Caltech)  Planetary science (primarily Jupiter and moons) / grad school / public outreach / space industry
4/23/2018  Charlotte Angus (University of Southampton) Supernovae and transient host galaxies
4/30/2018 Saramoira Shields (Cornell University) Instrumentation & Spacecraft
5/7/2018 Andy Rivkin (JHU/APL)  Asteroids/Planetary Astronomy
5/14/2018  Mary Beth Laychak (Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope) public outreach, education
5/21/2018  Adina Feinstein (Tufts)  Exoplanets & high-redshift galaxies
5/28/2018  Josephine Peters (Oxford)  Galaxy evolution / Radio astronomy
6/4/2018  Teddy Kareta (University of Arizona / LPL)  Evolution of Comets and Asteroids
6/11/2018  Mia de los Reyes (Caltech)  star formation, dwarf galaxies, galactic archaeology
6/18/2018  Heidi Thiemann (Open University)  Astronomy (Specifically stellar variability)
6/25/2018  Cathy Olkin (Southwest Research Institute) Planetary Science/Lucy Mission/New Horizons Mission
7/2/2018  Kendall Sullivan (Lowell Observatory (Soon: UT Austin Astronomy)) Young stars + binary stars
7/9/2018  Stephanie Hamilton (University of Michigan)  Solar System astronomy, science communication
7/16/2018  Peter Boorman (University of Southampton)  Obscured Supermassive Black Holes
7/23/2018  Jessie Christiansen (Caltech/IPAC-NExScI)  Exoplanets
7/30/2018  Simon Porter (Southwest Research Institute)  Kuiper Belt and Occultations
8/6/2018 Emily Hunt (University of Bath) Mapping the Magellanic clouds with variable stars & Bayesian methods
8/13/2018 David Wilson (UT Austin) White dwarfs and M dwarfs
8/20/2018 Gourav Khullar (University of Chicago – Dept of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Kavli Institute of Cosmological Physics) Galaxy Clusters and Gravitational Lensing
8/27/2018 Kovi Rose (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) Radio Astronomy/ Supernovae
9/3/2018 Bryan Mendez (UC Berkeley) Education, Outreach, Cultural Astronomy
9/10/2018 Laura Mayorga (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics) Exoplanets
9/17/2018 Steph LaMassa (Space Telescope Science Institute) AGN
9/24/2018 John Wenskovitch (Virginia Tech) Data visualization, amateur astronomy, outreach
10/1/2018 Brian Jackson (Boise State University) Exoplanet Discovery and Orbital Dynamics
10/8/2018 Henry Ngo (NRC Herzberg) exoplanets, orbit fitting, astro software development, work-life balance
10/15/2018 Chris Schaller (Lunar and Planetary Lab, The University of Arizona) HiRISE and CaSSIS operations planning software
10/22/2018 Bruce Macintosh (Stanford) Extrasolar planets and astronomy policy
10/29/2018 Jo Barstow (University College London) Exoplanet atmospheres
11/5/2018 Emma Alexander (Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics, University of Manchester) Radio astronomy/ polarisation & magnetism/ radio galaxies
11/12/2018 Ward Howard (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) Stellar activity, exoplanets, and star-planet interactions
11/19/2018 Nicholas Attree (University of Stirling) Mars InSight thermophysical modelling and comets
11/26/2018 Tim Holt (University of Southern Queensland ) Small body Taxonomy and Dynamics
12/3/2018 Paul Byrne (North Carolina State University) Planetary Geology
12/10/2018 Cesare Grava (Southwest Research Institute) Exospheres/UV & Vis. spectroscopy


Week Beginning Who they are What they do
1/9/2017  John Bochanski (Rider University )  Cool Stars and Galactic Structure
1/16/2017  Abigail Stevens (Anton Pannekoek Institute, University of Amsterdam)  Compact objects, X-ray spectral-timing
1/23/2017  Steven Rieder (RIKEN Advanced Institute for Computational Science)  Computational astrophysics: planets, clusters, large-scale
1/30/2017 Jonathan Fortney (UC Santa Cruz) Exoplanets/Solar System/Brown Dwarfs
2/6/2017  Leonard Burtscher (Max-Planck-Institute for extraterrestrial physics / University of Leiden, The Netherlands) Nearby Active Galaxies / Instrumentation for ground-based telescopes (calibration scientist for E-ELT/METIS)
2/13/2017  Fiona H. Panther (Australian National University/CAASTRO)  theoretical high energy astrophysics/supernovae/gamma ray astronomy
2/20/2017 Jessica Noviello (Arizona State University)  Planetary Geology/Europa/Asteroids
2/27/2017 Joanna Bridge (Pennsylvania State University) Lyman-alpha emission, galaxy evolution, emission line galaxies
3/6/2017 Stephanie Bernard (University of Melbourne) High-redshift galaxies
3/13/2017  Mehmet Alpaslan (NASA Ames Research Center)  Galaxy evolution, large-scale structure of the Universe
3/20/2017  Matthew R Francis (Freelance) Gravitation, black holes, cosmology, astronomy communication
3/27/2017  Alexis Lavail (Uppsala University)  Stellar magnetic fields / Instrumentation
4/3/2017  Angel Lopez-Sanchez (Australian Astronomical Observatory / Macquarie University) star formation in galaxies / galaxy eveolution / multiwavelength astronomy / amateur astronomy
4/10/2017 Ryan Anderson  (USGS Astrogeology)  Mars, spectroscopy, programming, geomorphology, etc…
4/17/2017  Jennifer Piatek (Central Connecticut State University)  Thermal IR remote sensing / Mars / Accessible Geosci.
4/24/2017 James Guillochon (Harvard University)  Black holes, transients, open science
5/01/2017 Angela Zalucha (SETI Institute)  Planetary atmospheres
5/08/2017  Franco Vazza (Radio Astronomy Institute, Bologna & Hamburg University)  cosmological simulations, non-thermal processes in large-scale structures
5/15/2017 Michael W. Busch (SETI Institute)  Asteroids
5/22/2017  Karen Masters (Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation, University of Portsmouth) Extragalactic astronomy, citizen science.
5/29/2017 Nathalie Ouellette (Queen’s University)  Galaxy evolution and kinematics in clusters, science communication
6/5/2017  Zach Pace (University of Wisconsin-Madison)  Galaxy evolution (local universe), integral-field spectroscopy, machine-learning applications
6/12/2017  Will Armentrout (West Virginia University) Galactic High-Mass Star Formation, HII Regions
6/19/2017  Meenakshi Wadhwa (Arizona State University)  Planetary Materials/Solar System/Rocky Planets
6/26/2017 Nick Attree  (Le Laboratoire D’astrophysique De Marseille)  Planetary Science / Comets / Rosetta Data Analysis
7/3/2017 Simon Porter (SwRI)  New Horizons, Pluto
7/10/2017 Sara Mazrouei (University of Toronto) Planetary Science/ Moon
7/17/2017  Ward Howard (UNC Chapel Hill)  Stellar Activity & Planetary Habitability
7/24/2017  Quanzhi Ye (Caltech)  Asteroids, comets, meteors
7/31/2017  Héctor Vives-Arias (Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias / Universidad de Valencia)  AGNs, Gravitational Lensing, Dark Matter
8/7/2017  Jessie Christiansen (Caltech/IPAC-NExScI) Exoplanets
8/14/2017  Tyler Nordgren (University of Redlands) Solar eclipse author and artist
8/21/2017  Benoît Noyelles (University of Namur) Celestial Mechanics/Satellites/Mercury
8/28/2017  Federica Binaco (NYU)  Transients – especially supernovae
9/4/2017 Ben Montet (University of Chicago)  Planetary Systems and their Stars
9/11/2017  Benne Holwerda (University of Louisville)  extragalactic astronomy
9/18/2017  Emily Sandford (Columbia University)  Machine learning applied to exoplanetary systems
9/25/2017 Rachael Ainsworth (Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics, University of Manchester) Jets from young stars / radio interferometry / open science
10/02/2017  Mario Jurić (University of Washington / LSST) Massive Sky Surveys & Big Data in Astronomy
10/09/2017  Helen Maynard-Casely (Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation)  Planetary Science (Icy moon materials)
10/16/2017  Matt Russo (Canadain Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics) Protoplanetary Disks/Sonification
10/23/2017  Matt Taylor (Gemini Observatory)  extragalactic globular cluster/satellite systems
10/30/2017  Larry Nittler (Carnegie Institution of Washington)  Meteorites, presolar grains, Mercury, geoechemical remote sensing
11/6/2017  Bella Boulderstone (University of Southampton)  Active Galactic Nuclei, reverberation mapping of the dusty torus.
11/13/2017 Coel Hellier (Keele University) Exoplanets
11/20/2017  Christa Van Laerhoven (University of British Columbia (UBC)) Orbital dynamics, Kuiper Belt
11/27/2017 Stephanie Juneau  (NOAO)  Extragalactic astronomy: cosmic history of galaxies and supermassive black holes; +data science applied to astronomy (NOAO Data Lab)
12/4/2017  JJ Eldridge (University of Auckland) Stars, supernovae and galaxies.
12/11/2017 Ira Thorpe  (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center)  Space-based Gravitational Wave Observatory (LISA)


Week Beginning Who they are What they do
1/4/2016 Nicholas Heavens (Hampton University) planetary atmospheres, Mars
1/11/2016 Henry Ngo (Caltech)  Exoplanets/Direct Imaging/Dynamics
1/18/2016  Jeyhan Kartaltepe (RIT)  Galaxy Evolution
1/25/2016  Hanno Rein (University of Toronto)  Dynamics
2/1/2016 Mark Marley (NASA Ames Research Center)  exoplanet/brown dwarf atmospheres
2/8/2016  Sarah Milkovich (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory/Caltech)  Science System Engineering/Mission operations/Mars polar geology
2/15/2016 Steve Crawford (South African Astronomical Observatory)  star-bursting galaxies/galaxy clusters/software/optical observing/telescopes
2/22/2016 Matthew Kenworthy (Leiden Observatory)  Coronagraphs/exoplanet imaging/exoring systems
2/29/2016 Erika Nesvold (Carnegie Institution Department of Terrestrial Magnetism)  Disk and Exoplanet Dynamics
3/7/2016 Meg Schwamb (ASIAA)  planetary astronomy, Kuiper belt, Mars, citizen science
3/14/2016  Emily Lakdawalla (The Planetary Society)   science writing
3/21/2016 Daniel Cotton (University of New South Wales, Astrophysics)  Planetary Atmospheres/Stellar Polarimetry
3/28/2016 Tom Robitaille Open Science and Scientific Software
4/4/2016 Jessie Christiansen (NASA Exoplanet Science Institute/Caltech)  Exoplanets
4/11/2016  Bhairavi Shankar (Centre for Planetary Science and Exploration)  Planetary surfaces, GIS, Data Processing, Moon
4/18/2016  Edward Gomez (LCOGT)  NEOs, coding, education & outreach
4/25/2016 Michele Bannister (University of Victoria)  TNOs
5/2/2016 Jennifer Johnson (Ohio State University)  Milky Way formation, Galactic Chemical Evolution
5/9/2016 Angel Lopez-Sanchez (Australian Astronomical Observatory / Macquarie University)  star formation in galaxies / galaxy eveolution / multiwavelength astronomy / amateur astronomy
5/16/2016  Michael Busch (SETI Institute)  Near-Earth Asteroids
5/23/2016  Andy Rivkin (JHU/APL)  Asteroids/Planetary Astronomy
5/30/2016 John Debes (STScI)  Exoplanets, Dust, and White Dwarfs
6/6/2016 Arianna Piccialli (LESIA/Observatoire de Paris)  Planetary Atmospheres
6/13/2016  Tom Kitching (UCL MSSL)  Cosmology, Weak Lensing
6/20/2016 Rachael Livermore (University of Texas at Austin)  Galaxy evolution, high redshift, gravitational lensing
6/27/2016 Abhijeet Borkar (University of Cologne)  Galactic Center/SMBHs/Radio Astronomy
7/4/2016  Jen Gupta (Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation, University of Portsmouth)  Outreach/Public Engagement, AGN
7/11/2016 Joshua Peek (STScI / Columbia) ISM / CGM
7/18/2016  Christine Corbett Moran (University of Chicago)  Cosmology, Computational Astrophysics
7/25/2016  Kat Volk (University of Arizona)  Kuiper Belt, dynamics
8/1/2016  James Sprinks (University of Nottingham)  Citizen Science – Planetary Science
8/8/2016  Andreea Font (Astrophysics Research Institute, Liverpool John Moores University) Galaxy formation/Cosmological Simulations
8/15/2016  Daniel Majaess (Mount Saint Vincent & Saint Mary’s Universities) cosmic distance scale / exoplanets
8/22/2016  JJ Eldridge ( University of Auckland)  Stellar evolution, supernovae, binary stars, stellar population and spectral synthesis.
8/29/2016  Jennifer Sobeck (University of Virginia, SDSS/APOGEE-2)  Stellar Populations/Galactic Chemodynamics
9/5/2016 Benne Holwerda (Leiden Observatory)  dust in galaxies, HI deep field
9/12/2016  Maria Womack (University of South Florida)  comets, exoplanets
9/19/2016 Christy Caudill (Western University, Centre for Planetary Science and Exploration)  Martian and terrestrial impact cratering
9/26/2016 Chris Lintott (Oxford/Zooniverse/AAS Journals)  galaxies/citizen science
10/3/2016 Mike Alexandersen (Academia Sinica Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics) Solar System astronomy, planetary science, dynamics
10/10/2016 Justyn Campbell-White (University of Kent)  Massive stars, Infrared Bubbles, ISM, Shape Statistics
10/17/2016 Jen Blank (Blue Marble Space Institute of Science / NASA Ames)  Planetary Science/Mars/Astrobiology
10/24/2016  Emily Levesque (University of Washington)  Massive stars, supernovae and gamma-ray bursts, star-forming galaxies
10/31/2016  Michael West (Lowell Observatory) galaxies, galaxy clusters, globular clusters, large-scale structure of the universe
11/7/2016  Anna Weigel (ETH Zurich)  Black Holes & Galaxy Evolution
11/14/2016  Duncan Forgan (University of St Andrews)   Planet Formation / Astrobiology / SETI
11/21/2016  Jeffrey Simpson (Australian Astronomical Observatory)  cosmic distance scale / exoplanets
11/28/2016 Sarah Jane Schmidt (Leibniz Institute for Astrophysics Potsdam (AIP))  stellar magnetic activity, low mass stars, brown dwarfs
12/05/2016  Molly Peeples (STScI)   galaxies and space telescopes
12/12/2016  Mika McKinnon (freelance)  planetary science, science communication


Week Beginning Who they are What they do
01/05/2015  Reserved for AAS meeting   Reserved for AAS meeting
01/12/2015  Peter Maksym  (University of Alabama)  Tidal Flares, Voorwerpjes, and a variety of other Extragalactic
01/19/2015  Moses Milazzo  Planetary Volcanology/Remote Sensing/Mission Operations/Education
01/26/2015  Julie Rathbun (PSI/University of Redlands)  Planetary Science, Io’s volcanoes
02/02/2015  Jay Strader  (Michigan State University)  Globular Clusters/Black Holes
02/09/2015  Joanna Barstow (University of Oxford)  Exoplanet + solar system atmospheres
02/16/2015  Molly Peeples (STScI)  Galaxies!
02/23/2015  Phil Rosenfield (University of Padua)  Stellar Evolution/Stellar Populations/Nearby Galaxies
03/02/2015  Matthieu Bethermin  (ESO Garching)  Galaxy evolution
03/09/2015  Arna Karick (Swinburne University of Technology)  Galaxy Formation/Coma Cluster/Galaxy Structure/Dwarf Galaxies
03/16/2015  Karina Voggel (ESO)  UCDs and Dwarf Galaxies
03/23/2015 Niall Deacon (University of Hertfordshire)  Brown dwarfs and low mass stars
03/30/2015  Hugh Osborn (University of Warwick)  Exoplanet detection
04/06/2015  Barbara Cohen  (NASA Marshall Space Flight Center)  Moon, Mars, meteorites
04/13/2015  Emily Rice (CUNY/AMNH)  brown dwarfs, low mass stars, exoplanets
04/20/2015  Gal Sarid (FSI, U. of Central Florida)  minor bodies, planetary formation, planetary physics
04/27/2015  Fred Calef III (JPL-Caltech)  Planetary mappping, small rayed impact craters, Mars Geology, MSL
05/04/2015  Cayman Unterborn ( Ohio State University)  Extrasolar Planet Geology & Habitability
05/11/2015  Michael West (Maria Mitchell Observatory)  galaxies, galaxy clusters, globular clusters, outreach
05/18/2015  Kyle Willett (University of Minnesota)  galaxy structure, citizen science, megamasers
05/25/2015  Nancy Hine (University of Hertfordshire)  High redshift galaxies
06/01/2015  David Sliski (University of Pennsylvania) Exoplanets
06/08/2015  Angel Lopez-Sanchez (Australian Astronomical Observatory [AAO] / Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia)  Star formation in galaxies using multiwavelength data
06/15/2015  Rachael Livermore (University of Texas at Austin)  High-z galaxies, gravitational lensing
06/22/2015  Edgard Rivera-Valentin (Arecibo Observatory)  Following the water from Mercury to the icy satellites, Astrobiology, Planetary Science
06/29/2015  Megan Bruck Syal (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)  Impact Cratering and Planetary Defense
07/06/2015  Michael Busch (SETI Institute)  Near-Earth Asteroids
07/13/2015  Paul Crowther (University of Sheffield)  Massive stars
07/20/2015 Tanya Harrison (Centre for Planetary Science and Exploration, University of Western Ontario)  Mars geomorphology and mission ops
07/27/2015  Adam Becker (Freelance Astrophysicist)  Early universe cosmology; science journalism; open science; data visualization
08/03/2015  Mark Lacy (NRAO)  Radio astronomy/high redshift galaxies
08/10/2015  Erin Ryan (University of Maryland)  Main Belt Asteroids
08/17/2015  Toby Brown (Swinburne University of Technology)  Galaxy evolution, galaxy structure, atomic hydrogen
08/24/2015  Ivy Wong (ICRAR/University of Western Australia)  AGN, galaxy evolution, how galaxies start and stop forming stars, radio astronomy, citizen science
08/31/2015  Peter K. G. Williams (Harvard University)  Radio astronomy, magnetism in ultracool stars & bron dwarfs
09/07/2015  John O’Meara (Saint Michael’s College)  intergalactic medium (IGM),  circumgalactic medium (CGM), and cosmology via quasar absorption line studies
09/14/2015   Natalie Gosnell (University of Texas at Austin)  Binary stars, open clusters, blue stragglers
09/21/2015 Meredith Rawls (New Mexico State University)  Binary Stars
09/28/2015  Benne Holwerda (Leiden Observatory)  Dust in Galaxies, occulting galaxies, star/galaxy separation, Nearby Galaxies, Galaxy Morphology
10/05/2015  Tyler Nordgren (University of Redlands)  Light pollution/night sky preservation
10/12/2015  Paul Sutter (INAF/OSU)  Large Scale Structure/CMB/Cosmic Dawn
10/19/2015  Bruno Merin (ESAC/ESA)  Protoplanetary and transitional disks, exoplanets, space astronomy
10/26/2015  Amy Barr Mlinar (RIAMD, Inc)  planetary satellites
11/02/2015  Jonathan Nichols (University of Leicester)  Magnetospheres and auroras of Jupiter, Saturn and exoplanets
11/09/2015  J. Brian Balta (University of Pittsburgh)  Meteorites, Geology/Geochemistry, Petrology
11/16/2015  Jane Rigby (NASA)  Extragalactic Astrophysics
11/23/2015  Gautham Narayan (NOAO/UA)  Supernovae, dark energy, cosmology, variables and explosive transients
11/30/2015   Elaina Hyde (University of Western Sydney)  Galactic Archaeology
12/07/2015   Richard Scalzo (University of Sydney)  Supernovae,  Data Science
12/14/2015  Meg Rosenburg  Planetary Science, especially the Moon and impact cratering, and science communication


Week Beginning Who they are What they do
01/13/2014 His week on astrotweeps Niall Deacon (Max Planck Institute for Astronomy) Studying failed stars called brown dwarfs
01/20/2014 His week on astrotweeps Demitri Muna(Ohio State University) galaxy evolution,Sloan Digital Sky Survey, SciCoder,
01/27/2014 Her week on astrotweeps Meg Schwamb (Institute of Astronomy & Astrophysics, Academia Sinica -ASIAA) extrasolar planets, citizen science, Kuiper belt, Planet Hunters, Planet Four
02/03/2014 His week on astrotweeps Kevin Schawinski (ETH Zurich) galaxy morphology, galaxy evolution, black holes, Galaxy Zoo
02/10/2014 His week on astrotweeps Andy Rivkin (JHU/APL) asteroids
02/17/2014Her week on astrotweeps Sarah Hörst (University of Colorado) Planetary Atmospheres
02/24/2014Her week on astrotweeps Kristin Block (University of Arizona Lunar & Planetary Lab) Spacecraft operations, Science ops for HiRISE aboard Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, planetary science
03/03/2014His week on astrotweeps Bill Keel (University of Alabama) Galaxy morphology, galaxy evolution, SARA, Galaxy Zoo
03/10/2014 Haley Gomez (Cardiff University) Space dust
03/17/2014 His week on astrotweeps David Rodriguez (Universidad de Chile) low-mass stars in nearby young moving groups
03/24/2014 Her week on astrotweeps Laura Vican (UCLA) Debris disks around stars like the Sun
03/31/2014 (Her week on astrotweeps) Lauren Weiss (UC Berkeley) exoplanets, multi-planet systems, planetary dynamics, planetary compositions, spectroscopy
04/07/2014 (His week on astrotweeps) Jonathan Fortney (UC Santa Cruz) Exoplanets, planetary atmospheres and interiors
04/14/2014 (Her week on astrotweeps) Breann Sitarski (UCLA) Galactic Center, Adaptive Optics, Protoplanetary Disk
04/21/2014 (Her week on astrotweeps) Sarah Tuttle (McDonald Observatory) Instrumentalist, galaxy evolution
04/28/2014 (Her week on astrotweeps) Nicole Gugliucci (CosmoQuest,SIUE) citizen science, radio astronomy, education and public outreach
05/05/2014 (His week on astrotweeps) Rodolfo Montez Jr. (Vanderbilt University) High energy emission from evolved stars; planetary nebulae, agb stars, and supergiants
05/12/2014 (His week on astrotweeps) Alex Hagen (Penn State) high-z galaxies, lyman alpha emitters
05/19/2014 (His week on astrotweeps) Robert Fisher (University of Massachusetts Dartmouth) Computational Astrophysics. Type Ia Supernovae. Star Formation and the ISM. Astrochemistry.
05/26/2014 (Her week on astrotweeps) Amy Barr (Brown University) Icy satellites, solid planetary interiors, formation of planetary satellites
06/02/2014 (His week on astrotweeps) Branden Allen (Harvard College Observatory) X-Ray / γ-Ray Instrumentation Development, Near Earth Objects, Cosmic Rays, Compact Objects
06/09/2014 (His week on astrotweeps) Michael Rutkowski (University of Minnesota ) Galaxy evolution, galaxy assembly
06/16/2014 (Her week on astrotweeps) Michelle Collins (MPIA) Andromeda, the Milky Way and their dwarf galaxies
06/23/2014 (His week on astrotweeps) Andy Puckett (Columbus State University) Asteroids: orbits, uncertainties, photometry, KBOs, discovery, SDSS data-mining, education
06/30/2014 Alessondra Springmann (Arecibo Observatory) Asteroids, planetary, radar
07/07/2014 Jeyhan Kartaltepe (NOAO) Extragalactic Astrophysics, Galaxy Evolution
07/14/2014 Nicholas Heavens (Hampton University) Planetary atmospheres
07/21/2014 Jorge I. Zuluaga (Universidad de Antioquia) Planetary Magnetic Fields, Exoplanets and Exomoons Habitability
07/28/2014 K-Michael Aye (UCLA)   [Phil Rosenfield (University of Padua)] Mars, Moon, remote sensing [Stellar Evolution/Stellar Populations/Nearby Galaxies]
08/04/2014  Chris Lintott (University of Oxford/Zooniverse)  Citizen Science, Zooniverse
08/11/2014 Jennifer Grier (Planetary Science Institute) Impact craters, surface ages, multispectral images of terrestrial planets
08/18/2014  J. Brian Balta (University of Tennessee)  Meteorites!
08/25/2014 Tanya Urrutia (Leibniz Institute for Astrophysics, Potsdam, Germany) Quasars / Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN)
09/01/2014 John Gizis (University of Delaware) Very-Low-Mass Stars and Brown Dwarfs
09/08/2014  Karen Masters (Institute of Cosmology & Gravitation, University of Portsmouth)  Galaxies, galaxy morphology, surveys, Galaxy Zoo, Sloan Digital Sky Survey
09/15/2014 Laura Watkins (STScI) Globular clusters, dynamical modelling, stellar kinematics
09/22/2014 Julie Rathbun (PSI/University of Redlands) Planetary Science, Io’s volcanoes
09/29/2014 Tom Rice (University of Michigan)  Planet Formation, Astrobiology
10/06/2014 Edward Gomez (Las Cumbres Observatory) Robotic telescopes
10/13/2014 Amanda Bauer (Australian Astronomical Observatory [AAO])  Galaxy Formation and Evolution
10/20/2014  Roy Kilgard (Wesleyan University)  X-ray binaries, astronomy in science fiction
10/27/2014  Doug Burke (Chandra X-ray Center, Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory)  Software development, X-ray Astronomy, Galaxy Clusters
11/03/2014  Jennifer L. Hoffman (University of Denver)  Supernovae, massive stars, women in science
11/10/2014 Dave Jones (Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias) Binary star evolution
11/17/2014  Christa Van Laerhoven (Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics)   orbital dynamics, exoplanets
11/24/2014  Chris Tibbs (ESO)  Galactic Interstellar Medium (ISM)
12/01/2014  Luke Dones (Southwest Research Institute) solar system dynamics, planetary rings, impacts
12/08/2014  Jayne Birkby (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics)  Exoplanet atmospheres, high-resolution spectroscopy, M-dwarfs
12/15/2014  Nathaniel Ross (UCLA)  AGN/Galaxy Evolution


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