Calling All Astrotweeps – Sign up for the first half of 2015

Demitri, Niall, and I would like to thank both the astrotweep volunteers (past, current, and future for 2014) and followers alike who’ve made @astrotweeps a success this year. It’s been great fun to see this idea we hatched at the 2014 AAS Hack Day take on a life of its own. We hope you’ve enjoyed as much as we have getting a peak each week into the lives of different astronomers and planetary scientists. We’d like to keep this going into 2015.

If you’re interested in taking over the account for a week and haven’t participated before, now’s your chance. Today we’re formally announcing the signup for the first half of 2015. You can see the current schedule with open spots here and  sign up to volunteer on our registration page.  If you already are an astrotweeps veteran and would like to have another go, please do sign up again. The more the merrier, though we’ll give some slight preference to people who didn’t have a turn in 2014.

Spread the word and let’s make 2015 an awesome year for @astrotweeps!






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