Introducing Benne Willem Holwerda

My name is Benne Willem Holwerda (@bennewillemholwerda). I have have started this year as an associate professor at the university of Louisville in Kentucky. My interests are dust in galaxies, galaxy evolution, our Milky Way in dwarf stars and the gas supply of galaxies over cosmic time.
Married, dad to ms C (7) and mr M (5).

Introducing Haley Gomez

This week, March 10-15, 2014,  features Haley Gomez. Haley is an astrophysicist and Senior Lecturer at Cardiff University and is interested in space dust.  As well as trying to find out where cosmic dust is formed, she teaches undergraduates at all levels of their degree and currently supervises 2 PhD students, so her typical day ranges from marking, writing exams, attending committees, giving advice, to traveling for conference talks or using scribbles on envelopes to try and solve problems.   She mostly works on data from the Herschel Space Observatory, an award winning infrared space telescope which can see further and with greater clarity than any other telescope like it.  As Head of Public Engagement in her Department, she is an advocate for outreach and engagement and runs outreach projects for primary children (Universe in the Classroom) and secondary children (Inspiring Science Education).   She also loves dresses.

The other 51 weeks of the year, you can find Haley at @astrofairy.