Astrotweeps started with the Hack Day at the 223rd American Astronomical Society meeting and is inspired by the AstroCanada Twitter account. So what exactly is Astrotweeps? Each week we feature an astronomer or planetary scientist that takes over the @astrotweeps account and tweets about their science, research, and interesting news in their field. You can follow along on Twitter, Facebook, or right here on the Astrotweeps webpage.

Astrotweeps is intended to give professional researchers a platform to communicate their science, to colleagues, students, and members of the public alike. Some rough guidelines are that we’re looking for:

  •  PhD students
  • Academic staff (e.g. postdocs, professors)
  •  Masters Students
  • Undergraduate Students, if they’re engaged in active research
  • Researchers in the private/governmental sectors

If you’re not sure whether you should host Astrotweeps, sign up anyway and we’ll get in contact!

We’ll post a blog giving you some background on our featured scientist  at the beginning of the week. You can can post questions by tweeting to @astrotweeps  or posting in the blog comments. 

Organizers: Haley Wahl, Sanjana Curtis. Logo: Alex Parker



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