Introducing Jeyhan Kartaltepe

Jeyhan Kartaltepe is an assistant professor in her first year at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) in Rochester New York. Her research involves studying how galaxies evolve over time, specifically looking at the role that galaxy mergers and interactions have played. She is a multiwavelength observational astronomer using data from telescopes all over the world, on the ground and in space and is a part of several international collaborations including COSMOS, GOODS, and CANDELS. She is very active in public education and outreach and maintains, edits, and writes for the CANDELS blog.

Jeyhan is originally from San Antonio, TX but moved to Hamilton, NY to attend Colgate University for her undergraduate degree. There she majored in Astronomy-Physics and took advantage of opportunities to do research, including a project using the campus 16 inch telescope. She then went to the University of Hawaii to obtain her masters and PhD degrees in Astronomy. After graduating, she moved to Tucson, Arizona to start a postdoc at the National Optical Astronomy Observatory (NOAO) and then continued on as a Hubble Fellow. Last year she moved across the country to begin life as a professor at RIT and is excited to be combining her enthusiasm for both research and teaching there. Her hobbies include watching and reading science fiction, reading other novels and non-fiction books, fitness when she finds the time, and spending time with her two cats.


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