Introducing Henry Ngo

Henry Ngo is a fourth year graduate student in Planetary Sciences at the California Institute of Technology. He is interested in exoplanets—planets that orbit around other stars. In particular, he studies systems that host “hot Jupiters”, a type of gas giant planet that orbits very very close to the host star. These orbits are so small that one trip around their Sun is less than a week. They beg the question: how did the planets end up on such strange orbits? Henry’s research involves using the Keck telescopes on Mauna Kea, Hawaii, to look for additional stars in hot Jupiter systems to determine whether these extra stars have something to do with the hot Juptiers’ strange orbits.
Henry grew up in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and graduated with a BSc in Physics & Astronomy at the University of British Columbia in 2010, where he enjoyed the nice weather and the rain. He then moved to Ontario to pursue a Masters degree in Astronomy at Queen’s University where he experienced the harsh Canadian winters for the first time. He is glad that Caltech is in sunny Pasadena, but does miss the rain. His hobbies include softball and cooking: his latest project is mastering macarons. He normally tweets as @AstroDino.

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