Introducing Benoît Noyelles

Benoît @BenoitNoyelles  works at the Naxys institute, University of Namur, Belgium. He is currently funded to model the rotation of the Galilean satellites of Jupiter, in preparation of JUICE. He graduated from Paris Observatory in 2005, where he mostly studied celestial mechanics. He was particularly specialized on the orbital dynamics of the natural satellites. He moved to Belgium in 2006 to work on the rotation of the resonant bodies, i.e. natural satellites and Mercury. The influence of the interior on the rotational dynamics of a planetary body pushed him to be acquainted with planetary geophysics. He made several research visits, at Jinan University (China), University Tor Vergata (Italy), UCSC (USA), and UNESP (Brazil). He is particularly involved in the Division on Dynamical Astronomy (AAS).

He is interested in any aspect of planetology, even if he prefers the Solar System. His website is


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