Introducing Jessica Noviello

Jessica Noviello (@jessicanoviello) is a third-year PhD candidate at the School of Earth and Space Exploration (SESE) at Arizona State University in Tempe, AZ. Her research focuses on chaos on Jupiter’s ocean moon, Europa, and how it relates to heating patterns within icy moons. How chaos forms is still an open question due to a lack of high-resolution imaging at a global or regional scale, but evidence strongly indicates that liquid water is involved in its creation. Knowing the global distribution of chaos better will help refine chaos formations models to learn about how heat and liquid water are transported within an icy shell, which has implications for planetary evolution and astrobiology. Besides Europa and other icy moons, her academic research interests include asteroids, paleontology, and statistics.

Jessica received her BS degree from the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD in Physics and Earth and Planetary Sciences. While there she was the first student accepted to the new Space Science and Technology minor program, which she helped to develop and popularize. She actively pursues opportunities for science communication by sharing scientific updates on social media and volunteering for organizations like Science Olympiad. When she is not absorbed in her Europa research, Jessica enjoys hiking, reading, playing board games and heckling bad science-fiction movies with her friends, and practicing Krav Maga.


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