Introducing Justyn Campbell-White

Justyn Campbell-White (@justyncw) is an observational astronomer starting the second year of his Ph.D research at the University of Kent. Justyn’s research focuses on the morphology of HII (ionised hydrogen) regions around massive stars. The aim of this research is to probe the formation mechanisms of the stellar bubbles these regions help create, and investigate how they interact with the interstellar medium. His first year was spent analysing a selection of images identified from the citizen science Milky Way Project (on These infrared images from the Spitzer space telescope reveal in high resolution the shell-like structures, that are products of HII regions and stellar winds. Justyn is now looking at 1.4 GHz radio data that coincides with the infrared bubbles.

Justyn also helps operate the University of Kent’s Beacon Observatory. This involves carrying out observations and teaching Masters and undergraduate students how to use the telescope. Justyn is currently observing for the HOYS-CAPS project, which works together with amateur astronomers for long term photometric monitoring of young star clusters, to identify outbursting objects.


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