Introducing Jessie Christiansen

Jessie is a staff scientist at the NASA Exoplanet Science Institute at Caltech. She searches for, studies, and catalogues extrasolar planets – planets orbiting other stars. Her main research focuses on using the thousands of exoplanets found by the NASA Kepler mission to determine how common planets similar to the Earth might be throughout the Galaxy.

Leading up to this role, she did her undergraduate studies at Griffith University and the Australian National University, before completing a PhD at the University of New South Wales. She held a postdoctoral research position at Harvard University for several years, working on the NASA EPOXI mission, before moving out to sunny California to start a staff scientist position at NASA Ames working directly on the Kepler mission.

She is married to another astronomer, and they have 14-month-old twins – their daughter is an evil genius who will take over the world, and their son is a sweet goofball who her daughter is certainly setting up to be her patsy. Jessie likes singing, reading, scifi, broadway musicals (she’s had Hamilton on repeat for the last month), and binge-watching media content.


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