Introducing Emily Lakdawalla

Emily Lakdawalla is a passionate advocate for the exploration of all of the worlds of our solar system. Through blogs, photos, videos, podcasts, print articles, Twitter, and any other medium she can put her hand to, Emily shares the adventure of space exploration with the world. Since 2001, she has worked for The Planetary Society, the world’s largest nongovernmental space interest organization. Since 2005 she has written and edited The Planetary Society Blog, where she reports on space news, explains planetary science, and shares beautiful space photos. She appears weekly on the Society’s Planetary Radio podcast, answering listener questions or rounding up the latest space news from the blog. She is also a contributing editor to Sky & Telescope magazine.

Emily holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in geology from Amherst College and a Master of Science degree in planetary geology from Brown University. She taught science to 9- to 11-year-olds for two years before realizing that being a school teacher was much harder than being a professional scientist. Emily has been an Administrator of the forum since 2005, supporting a worldwide community of amateur space image processors. She is now writing her first book, tentatively titled “Curiosity Rover: Design, Planning, and Field Geology on Mars”, due out from Springer-Praxis in 2017. The book will explain the development, design, mission, and science of Curiosity with the same level of technical detail that she delivers in the Planetary Society Blog.

Twitter: @elakdawalla


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