Introducing Matthew Kenworthy

Matthew Kenworthy is an Associate Professor at Leiden Observatory in the Netherlands.

His interests are in the direct imaging of exoplanets, along with the coronagraphic optics and image reconstruction techniques that can increase our sensitivity to seeing these faint companions. More recently, he’s become interested in circumstellar and circumplanetary material detected when it eclipses its parent star, most notably the complex two month long eclipse seen towards the young star J1407.
He grew up in Ewell, a small town just outside of Greater London, and became interested in astronomy despite the bright orange skies at night. He did his undergraduate degree at Oxford University, and then went to the Institute of Astronomy at Cambridge for his PhD on astronomical instrumentation, building fibre-fed integral field spectrographs. Spending a decade in the USA, mostly at Steward Observatory with the Center for Adaptive Optics group and a short stint in Cincinnati, he moved to Leiden just over six years ago. He cycles around the Netherlands with his family, makes bread and beer, and occasionally tries to run in the more scenic parts of town. He’s on twitter as @mattkenworthy.

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