Reintroducing J. Brian Balta

This week’s Astrotweeps host is J. Brian Balta. I like to think of myself as a geologist working in planetary science, and I like stuff that melts. I am a petrologist by training, which means I use measurements of the chemistry of rocks to understand how they were made, both on this planet and others. My last 6 years have been spent mostly working on meteorites from Mars and the asteroid 4 Vesta and I occasionally brag about having pieces of Mars in my office

I have a BS in geology from Indiana University and a PhD in geology from Caltech. I also am a regular contributor to science outreach through the Facebook groups The Earth Story and The Universe. I run the blog version of TES at and although I have a personal account I do most of my twitter work running the account @theearthstory and hope some of you will follow me over at those pages. This week I’m hoping to tell a very interesting story – how we make a planet, answer a few questions, and probably beg for people to hire me, still.

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