Introducing Bruno Merin

Bruno is an astronomer working for the European Space Agency in the Archives group at the European Space Astronomy Centre, near Madrid, in Spain. Before that, he spent time as a Research fellow at the ESA establishment in the Netherlands, ESTEC, and before at the University of Leiden, in the Netherlands.

His research is on the formation of exoplanets in circumstellar disks surrounding  young stars. He observes them mostly with infrared space observatories like Spitzer and Herschel and now complements those studies with archival data from X-rays to radio wavelengths.

His current research includes identifying transitional disks, e.g. disks with large inner holes where exoplanets could be currently forming, with Herschel data to prepare for possible follow-up with ALMA or other large ground-based high spatial resolution facilities.

Bruno lives near Madrid with his wife Verónica, who also works at ESAC as an IT engineer, and his children Mario (5) and Alma (3). He likes being outdoors, trekking and telling stories about research to anyone with interest. He is on twitter as @brunomerin and has a science homepage here.

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