Introducing Meredith Rawls

Meredith Rawls is an Astronomy PhD Candidate at New Mexico State University who lives in Portland, Oregon. She has an MS in Astronomy from San Diego State University and a BS in Physics from Harvey Mudd College. Her research uses binary stars and variable stars as tools to better understand how all stars live and evolve. Since stars are the main source of light in the Universe, we must use them to learn about everything else: our Sun’s fate, distances to faraway exoplanets, and our place in the Milky Way and beyond. If we don’t understand the lives of stars, then we can’t understand these things, either.

Meredith is passionate about quality science education and public outreach for all, enjoys playing viola, and loves getting people excited about astronomy. In her copious spare time she writes for astrobites, pretends to live at summer camp, frequents local restaurants, annoys her cats, and plans excruciatingly detailed travel adventures with friends and family. Find her online at, and on twitter @merrdiff.


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