Introducing Rachael Livermore

Rachael Livermore is currently a Postdoctoral Fellow at The University of Texas at Austin. Her research focuses on distant galaxies, studying how they evolve into the kinds of galaxies we see around us today and how galaxies in the early Universe influenced the environment around them. Her particular specialty is gravitational lensing, a byproduct of Einstein’s theory of General Relativity that causes light from distant galaxies to be distorted and – usefully – magnified when it passes by something with a lot of mass, like a galaxy cluster.

Rachael is originally from Plymouth, England, and was an accountant before realising that science is more exciting. She did her undergraduate work in Mathematics and Physics with Astrophysics at King’s College, University of London, before moving to the University of Sussex for a Masters in Astronomy. She obtained her PhD from Durham University in 2013 with a thesis on gravitationally lensed galaxies. She is also heavily involved in outreach and is the co-organiser of Astronomy on Tap ATX, a series of astronomy talks in the pub.

Rachael can normally be found on Twitter at @rhaegal


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