Introducing Kyle Willett

Kyle Willett is a postdoc in the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Minnesota. His research concentrates on galaxies, especially their evolution over cosmic time as a population. He is a member of the science teams for two citizen science projects, Galaxy Zoo and Radio Galaxy Zoo, and works extensively on data reduction pipelines, designing new projects and data sets for the interfaces, and improving the tools and communication with citizen scientists that help provide the science teams with data. He secretly wishes he got to spend more time with Snapshot Serengeti, where he dreams of someday finding the elusive zorilla

Kyle did his undergraduate work at Carleton College, where he got drawn in to astronomy by getting to work on multiple observing runs for pulsars at Parkes Observatory. Working for a summer at Lowell Observatory uncovered his nascent love for mountains, which he climbed/ran up as much as possible up during his PhD at the University of Colorado. His thesis work focused on properties of OH megamasers and their host galaxies, including uses of telescopes like the VLA, Green Bank, Arecibo, and Spitzer. His quest to visit all ten of the VLBA dishes is 50% complete so far. 

He normally can be found on Twitter at @kwwillett


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