Introducing Hugh Osborn

This week’s astronomer is Hugh Osborn, a second year PhD Student at the University of Warwick (UK). Hugh’s research involves using dedicated transit surveys to detect exoplanets. These surveys include SuperWASP, whose cameras have found more than 100 planets after more than a decade of observations; NGTS, WASP’s ultra-precise successor at Paranal; and Kepler/K2, which from it’s position in space has detected thousands of planets & planet candidates. As well as the more day-to-day aspects of WASP & NGTS planet-hunting, Hugh trawls through the WASP and Kepler archives looking for interesting, undiscovered objects. These include young eclipsing binaries, the eclipses of circumstellar (and circumplanetary) discs, and the single transits of long-period giant planets.

Hugh grew up in Norwich, England and studied Earth Sciences (with a large slice of astronomy & planetary science) at University College London before making a B-line for exoplanet astronomy at Warwick in 2013. When not in the office or the pub, you will probably find him climbing Mountains, watching Netflix, cycling or supporting Norwich City. He occasionally blogs about science at Lost In Transits and tweets about everything else over at @HughO2.


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