Introducing Matthieu Béthermin

Matthieu Béthermin is a postdoctoral fellow at ESO (European Southern Observatory) headquarter in Garching (Germany). Previously, Matthieu did his PhD thesis at Paris-Sud University. As Paris is a sort of black hole for French people*, he did not manage to escape and did his first postdoc at CEA Saclay (in Paris’ banlieue). An improbable tunnel effect sent him to ESO in Garching close from Munich, where he discovered the German beer Gemütlichkeit.

He studies the evolution of galaxies and focuses particularly on star-forming galaxies at high redshift. The Spitzer and Herschel space telescopes found large populations of galaxies ultra-luminous in the infrared forming more than 100 solar masses of stars per year.  These galaxies are very massive and gas-rich. They are very challenging to explain with theoretical models. Matthieu is a member of several collaborations studying these intriguing galaxies (HerMES, GOODS-Herschel, SPT SMGs). More details will be provided in the tweets. No spoilers! As an ESO fellow, he also has functional duties and chose to work on ALMA. It is a 66-antenna millimeter interferometer built at 5000m of altitude in the Atacama, one of the driest places on Earth.

Matthieu can normally be found at @MatBethermin.

* France is extremely centralized and Paris concentrates most of the top French universities and research centers.


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