Introducing Jo Barstow

Jo is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Oxford. She studies the atmospheres of planets both inside and outside the solar system. Clouds on these planets tend to get in the way of finding out other things about their atmospheres, so she has decided to embrace this fact by taking a particular interest in modelling clouds. Jo is also a keen science outreacher and one of her favourite activities is making model comets out of dry ice.

Jo studied Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge before crossing to the dark blue side for her DPhil (Oxford’s fancy name for a PhD). She has been working in Oxford since the completion of her doctorate in 2011. When she’s not doing science, she loves reading, singing and taking part in/watching musical theatre — in April she’ll be getting her habit on for an amateur production of Sister Act! She usually tweets about science and singing from @DrJoVian.


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