Introducing Nathaniel Ross

This week we feature Nathaniel Ross, a sixth-year graduate student in Astronomy at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Nathaniel’s thesis research focuses on the growth of super-massive black holes in galaxies half way across the visible universe. He has developed the data analysis software for the WFC3 Infrared Spectroscopic Parallels (WISP) Survey, a large Hubble Space Telescope project involving roughly 20 scientists from around the globe. Throughout his grad school career, he has spent more than 40 nights at telescopes (Magellan in Chile, Keck in Hawaii, Kitt Peak in Arizona, Palomar and Lick Observatories in California). He is convinced that the number one all-time best observing snack is Trader Joe’s chocolate-covered espresso beans. In his spare time, Nathaniel is a volunteer with Astronomy Live!, the education and public outreach wing of the UCLA Astronomy department, a film buff, and an Ohio State Buckeyes fan. He has also recently become an amateur triathlete. You can follow him at @StarryNate on Twitter.

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