Mark your calendars! – Astrotweeps End of the Year Wrap Up Live Chats

Image Credit: Steve Harris (swh) from Flickr

Image Credit: Steve Harris (swh) from Flickr

2014 is rapidly drawing to a close (how is it December already?!?) and with it the first year of astrotweeps. From Naill, Demitri, and myself we wish you and yours a Merry Northern Winter (and Southern Summer) Solstice and a Happy New Year.

To mark the end of the year and the start of a brand new year of astrotweeps, we’ve decided to organize a 2014 year end wrap up live chats on google+ hangouts on air with some of your favorite astronomer and planetary science astrotweeps tweeters  from this year. We’ll be having two live chats: one discussing the key results and discoveries in astronomy & astrophysics on December 22nd 12pm EST/5pm GMT and one on  December 29th 11am EST/4pm GMT  with the planetary science perspective on 2014.

Tune in and watch on December 22nd and 29th We’ll post the link to the live videos for the two live chats  here on the astrotweeps blog as well as on twitter.  If you’ve got a question for our awesome panelists post it in the blog comments and we’ll try and answer it during the broadcast.

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