Introducing Jennifer Grier

Dr. Grier is a Senior Scientist and Education Specialist with the Planetary Science Institute, in Tucson, AZ (although she works remotely from her base in MD.)  Her usual haunts are her blog and her twitter account.  

Her research interests and areas of expertise include:  analysis of multispectral images of terrestrial planets and asteroids, thermal impact crater formation and morphology, and chronologies of impact events and solid surfaces through examination of remote sensing and isotopic age data.  Some of her specific research has:  determined the relative ages of rayed impact craters on the Moon through optical maturity of crater ejecta, dated fluvial channels on Mars with impact crater statistics, found the ages of thermal impact events on asteroids by examination of meteorites, and estimated the time of formation of the Gardnos impact structure on Earth.
In addition to research, Dr. Grier has broad interests in science education and public outreach.  These interests include:  scientist engagement in E/PO, the development of critical thinking skills, and imparting an understanding of our context within the Solar System and larger universe.  Some of her specific education work has included:  working with school systems to develop science curricula, partnering with science museums to vet exhibit content, offering professional development workshops to teachers and Girl Scout leaders, and teaching classes at the university level.

When not engaged in research or education projects, Dr. Grier:  writes and reads science fiction stories and poetry, blogs at “Fictional Planet”, makes and sells beaded gemstone jewelry, goes wine tasting, plays video games, and thinks about getting a cat.


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