Introducing Chris Lintott

Chris Lintott is a researcher at the University of Oxford, where he leads the team of people responsible for the collection of citizen science projects. Volunteers have used the Zooniverse to classify galaxies, discover planets, explore the Milky Way and do a lot of non-astronomicalthings too. His own research is on galaxy evolution and formation, mostly using data from Galaxy Zoo to think about the effect of galaxy mergers. His background is a little closer to home, having completed a PhD at University College London mostly on the chemistry of star formation; he’s a big fan of triply-deuterated ammonia but likes sulphur compounds the best.

Chris is best known (in the UK at least) as the co-presenter of the BBC’s long-running Sky at Night program, a monthly look at the worlds of astronomy and astrophysics. This has taken him to observatories around the world, and he once interviewed Eugene Cernan in Mission Control, Houston. He also once got the age of the Universe wrong on camera by a factor of a million. Chris writes for the Times and is currently up to his eyeballs in text for a book about crowdsourcing which is due out next year; he wrote ‘Bang’ and the ‘Cosmic Tourist’ with the late Patrick Moore and Queen guitarist Brian May.

Away from research, Chris answers email. Away from email, he can be found cooking, watching theatre or opera or shouting loudly at the Chicago Fire and Torquay United. He also plays real tennis.


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