Introducing Phil Rosenfield

Phil Rosenfield is a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Padova in the Department of Physics and Astronomy Galileo Galilei. He uses observations of resolved stellar populations to constrain stellar evolution models. His focus is on phases that have the greatest impact on galaxies, but that are least understood. So far, that means the luminous core helium fusing phase (contained within the blue and red supergiant phases), asymptotic giant branch stars, and stars that have failed to become AGB stars.

Hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota, Phil earned a PhD from the University of Washington, a Master’s from San Diego State University, and a Bachelor’s from Boston University.

Besides research, Phil creates and engages in educational programs that teach science while combating the exclusion of people based on race, economic status, and disability. While at the University of Washington, he was part of the Pre-Major in Astronomy Program staff, co-created a program to train PhD students to communicate their research to the public, helped create affordable planetariums, and co-created a planetarium outreach program for Seattle Middle and High Schools.

When he tweets, it’s from @philrosenfield


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